The Ascendance

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Chapter One: Exchange Rates

Our story begins on a small freighter traveling to the Smuggler’s Moon, with a captain and his crew ready to spend money from their ill-gotten goods. The freighter, Miles Debonaire, though in all physical appearance, ready to fall apart at a moment’s notice, seems to have survived thus far.

The former noble, Captain Mikel Trinity, along with his companions Havala and Ryllta Floto and their T3 unit Sparky, sit contemplating their next job and how to spend their newfound credits when the decrepit freighter gets caught in a tractor beam. Holding on for dear life as their less-than-stalwart ship falls to pieces, they Miles Debonaire gets pulled into the docking bay of large ship, the Vellan Wing.

With the junker freighter disabled, the trio hid themselves in smuggler’s compartments to avoid capture. The mercenaries that boarded the freighter were not to be fooled, however, and Captain Trinity’s giggling gave himself away. In order to prevent the death of her Captain, Havala revealed herself and the two were taken away to a detention cell to await their fate.

In the meantime, the Twi’lek Ryllta Floto stealthily escaped the Debonaire, following her companion’s captors. Investigating the ship, she discovered that they were being held by a representative of The Exchange. This particular vessel was in the possession of Zavik Dan, a crime boss of some note. Ryllta managed to insert herself amongst the crew of the Vellan Wing, gathering information and trying her best not to wind up in a cell with the rest of her friends.

Mikel and Havala found themselves in a cell with a rather calm, centered human named Ryk Bacara, who claims to be a medic. They attempt to get as comfortable as possible, appreciating that at the very least, they haven’t been killed yet and the ship their on seems to be in far better condition then their freighter. Mikel managed to worm some information out of the rather put-upon guard, regarding the individual or organization responsible, gleaning the same information that his Twi’lek companion found.

After a few hours, Zavik Dan sent for his latest captives. While Mikel and Havala enjoyed the lush surroundings of the captain’s quarters, Zavik explained their dire situation. It seemed that Mikel was being framed for stealing 200k credits worth of goods from the Exchange, and unless he complied, he would be murdered along with his friends. With enthusiasm born from a love of life, Mikel agreed to perform a job for Zavik. Zavik would in turn provide them a new ship, a prototype smuggler’s freighter called The Phoenix.

And so they were sent on their way, with the threat of displeasing The Exchange looming over their heads. And as another parting gift, Ryk Bacara joined their crew, along with Sparky. At the request of their employer, the quartet headed through the chancy hyperspace lanes to the planet Ven’taar, where they would find Noro Dan, brother to Zavik.


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