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  • Noro Dan

    The younger brother of [[:zavik-dan | Zavik Dan]], once eager to please and rise in The Exchange, but now content to run his little corner of the Underworld and stay far away from politics. He can be very direct and quick to anger, though mostly he would …

  • Lord Kai

    A rather dignified and intelligent Arkanian noble, acting as Administrator for the mining colony of [[Venzi]] and protecting the interests of the [[Razi Mining Consortium]] on [[Ven'taar]]. His second in command is a human, [[:Officer-Bellamy | Officer …

  • Zavik Dan

    A Zabrak crime boss for [[The Exchange]], in command of the [[Vellan Wing]]. Currently acting as employer for the crew of [[The Phoenix]]. His brother, [[:noro-dan | Noro Dan ]], rules the underworld of [[Ven'taar]].

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